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  • Car Body Filler (600ml) Red Big Boy!
    Car Body Filler (600ml) Red Big Boy! ..
    Ex Tax: £10.43 £12.52
  • Paint Survey Marker Spray Yellow 750ml
    DESCRIPTION Blend of high quality pigments, resins, hardeners and fast drying solvents. Dry in 30 minutes and fully cured in 24 hours. Can be applied either by hand as a spot marker, or alternatively used in conjunction with a line marking applicator. Suitable for use on asphalt, concret..
    Ex Tax: £6.85 £8.22
  • SBR Bond admix 1 litre
    SBR Bond admix 1 litre ..
    Ex Tax: £7.43 £8.91
  • SBR Bond admix 5 litre
    SBR Bond admix 5 litre ..
    Ex Tax: £22.43 £26.92
  • Soudal Gun & Foam Cleaner 500ml
    APPLICATIONS Soudal Gun & Foam Cleaner has specially been developed to clean the PU-foam applicator guns. A correct cleaning of the gun and proper use of the product will ensure an optimal function and prevent blockage of the applicator gun. The Gun & Foam Cleaner is also suited for the c..
    Ex Tax: £5.76 £6.91
  • Sovereign Supa Admix Concentrate 1 litre
    DESCRIPTION Sovereign Supa Admix Concentrate is a highly concentrated version of the standard Sovereign Admix Concentrate. For over 30 years generations of builders have used and trusted Sovereign Admix, being based on natural Vinsol Resins and not synthetic resins, it gives mortars with excellen..
    Ex Tax: £7.19 £8.63