Superglue & Activator

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  • Mitre Bond Kit - Superglue and Activator
    DESCRIPTION Super fast solvent adhesive based on cyanoacrylate.  CHARACTERISTICS - For use on non-porous surfaces.  - High end strength.  - Fast curing.  - High viscosity. - One-component system without the use of a catalyst. - Superglue Activator can also be used i..
    Ex Tax: £6.65 £7.98
  • Superglue Activator 200ml
    DESCRIPTION Superglue Activator - Fast acting solvent based activator to be used with cyanoacrylate adhesive (superglue) to give instant cure. Ideal for use in electronic, PVC, wood, metal and many more applications. If this product is over applied it may leave a yellow stain on white uPVC - this..
    Ex Tax: £3.60 £4.32
  • Superglue high viscosity 20 grams
    DESCRIPTION Superglue high viscosity 20 grams DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from grease and dust, Apply drop(s) to one surface only. Press together and hold. Application temperature 5°c-35°c. Use superglue Activator to speed cure. It is the user's responsibilty ..
    Ex Tax: £2.33 £2.80